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Information Related to Safety in Thailand

This chapter of The Ultimate New Guide To Thailand covers issues related to Safety and health. This includes topics from food and climate to dangers as outlined below. Click the link for each topic to connect to the section with additional details.

Diet & Food Safety: Most who travel to Thailand with experience some foods different from what he/she is accustomed to at home. For the most part this is an exciting adventure that most enjoy. It is also something that can raise a few concerns. This section looks a many of the pros and cons in experiencing Thai cuisine.

Climate Issues: In short Thailand is Hot. Some visitors are seasonally used to this while others are venturing into new territory. This opens the door for some adverse health concerns. Most of these can be addressed with a little education about heat related illnesses.

Scams and Dangers in Thailand: Unfortunately visiting a third world country potentially exposes tourists to scams. By far, most tourists visiting Thailand will not encounter scams of any significance, however, this guide would not be complete without addressing this issue. Most scams are "small" in nature and even if caught they will likely have very little impact on the holiday, yet most are still avoidable with a little background knowledge. Other scams can indeed costly, if not ruining a holiday, so take a moment to review the scams exposed in this guide.

Drinking (Alcohol) in Thailand: Most who come to Thailand for P4P also like to party and unless you are a non-drinker, alcohol is definitely part of the equation. Aside from for you may feel the next day excess drinking in places like Thailand can come with unforeseen consequences. This guide will introduce you to some of the reality.

Pickpocket: Although there are places much worse than the tourist areas of Thailand, pickpocket is still a very real problem. This guide goes into great details with tips and hints to reduce the chances of losing your valuables.

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