The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

Pattaya Vs. Angeles City 

This guide is about Thailand, however since many visitors to Pattaya also want to visit Angeles City in Philippines this quick comparison has been added as a reference. See also editors note at the bottom of the page.

Pattaya and Angeles City have a few things in common. Both are excellent places for P4P in South East Asia and while their essential offering are so similar, side-by-side they are quite different with each their own Pros and Cons.

Below is a detailed (slightly subjective) comparison of the two P4P cities. Prices are estimated as the 80 percentile and excludes the select lows and highs. Currency conversion are rounded.



Angeles City


75-120 minutes from Bangkok airport with Taxi/Limo costs generally in the 1000-1200 baht (1300-1600 peso) range. Bus about 200 baht (300 peso), easy and comfortable, but limited hours. Map

90-240 minutes from Manila airport with Taxi/Limo cost about 2600 peso (1700 baht). Taxi/Bus/Taxi about 500 peso (350 baht), a 3 ride deal with xfer at bus terminals. Map
Limited flights to Angeles. None from BKK.


Most of Pattaya is very safe at near all hours. The beach itself should be off limit after dark.
Most altercations involves drunk tourists who provoke other tourists or Thais.

P4P areas safe when venues are open. Walking between Perimeter and Fields after dark is not advised and not even recommended for solo trips during the day


Huge offering from simple 1 star guest houses to 4+ star hotels. Most find rooms between 600 and 1500 baht (800-2000 peso).
Hotel prices usually vary by season.

Accommodations are typically 2 or 3 star hotels. Most find rooms between 1500 and 3000 peso (1100-2200 baht).
Generally same prices year around.

Local Transportation

Baht bus 10 baht (14 peso) and motorbike taxi 40-60 baht (55-80 peso). Both easy to ride and figure out.
Baht bus may increase to 20 baht in 2017

Jeepney 8 peso (6 baht) and trike typically 100 peso (75 baht). Trikes are easy (2-3 pax), Jeepney easy only if you know the route.


Loads of beer bars all over, large number of go-go bars especially in select areas such as Walking Street and LK Metro. Add soapies, BJ/ST bars, ladyboy bars, live music, discos and fantasy/fetish venues.

Mostly bars are go-go type (even the smaller ones) with a few outdoor beer bars around. Add a couple of discos and live music bars.
A few go-go's open 24 hrs.


Most P4P tourists in Pattaya are Caucasians, but also a fair few from India, Middle East and some (increasingly more) East Asians. Aside from P4P lots of Russians and other Asians.

Most tourists in P4P are Caucasians (avg older than Pattaya), but also a fair few Koreans and some Japanese. Some main area bars are now owned by Koreans.

Girls in Bars Ratios

While Pattaya has countless more venues and hence more girls, most go-go's feature 6-10 girls on stage in two-three rotations. Average beer bars may have 4-8 girls.

Some go-go's in Angeles can have as many as 40 girls on stage at a time and they rotate in two shifts. All in all much a better ratio though fewer venues.

Overall Area Size

Huge. 2 miles (3 km) N/S and 2/3 mile (1 km) E/W, plus numerous less busy areas like Naklua, Phratamnak, Dark Side and Jomtien. 

Medium-Large.  4-5 x 1.5 city blocks @ Fields Avenue (Walking Street) and 3-4 blocks @ Perimeter Road, plus Korea Town area.


Excellent choice of great Thai food with western and other ethnic cuisines readily available. Thai food is generally very cheap.

Some discard Philippine food as below par, however, good western food is readily available where tourists roam. Several cheap fast-foods around. Except fast-food, dinning is 20-30% dearer than Thailand.

Beverage Prices

Bottled beer in beer bars are generally 60-90 baht (80-125 peso) and go-go's generally range from 120-180 baht (165-250 peso).
Mixed drinks about same but often weak.

Happy-hour specials common

Bottle beer in beer bars are often 60 to 80 peso (45-60 baht) and go-go's are typically in the 100 to 150 peso (75-110 baht) range.
Mixed drinks about same and often strong.

Happy-hour specials common

LD & Company

In Pattaya go-go's a girl will "sit" with you in exchange for a lady drink, but she must attend to her dance rotation duty and will then leave you for the stage till her rotation has been completed. A few bars offer "special" LD's at a higher cost.

In Angeles a go-go girl will "sit" with you in exchange for a lady drink and will remain your company for the duration with no need to appear on stage till you leave (or ask her).
Be mindful that both single and double LDs are offered in AC, sometimes without notice; specify single LD when ordering.

Barfine / Compensation

Barfine includes permission for the girl to leave the bar. Compensation for services [should be] negotiated and is paid before her departure from your room. Increasingly girls turn down LT offers.

Barfine is all inclusive (same for ST or LT) though some do tip. Generally it cost less overall to take a girl in Angeles, especially for long time. Long time is generally easy to negotiate.

Cherry Girls (Virgins in
the bar)

Pretty much non existent in Pattaya

Employed in many bars. A red will be on the ID. They can be barfined, but without a costly arrangement no vaginal intercourse.

3-somes **

Aside from venues like Devils Den arranging a threesome takes a little "shopping", but if determined it is not too hard to find. Girl-girl interaction can be somewhat hit or miss.

Very easy to arrange. Most bars will have some takers. Girl-girl interaction is usually between acceptable and great.

Nudity in

Many go-go bars feature fully or partly nude dancing on stage with some also feature special side shows also with nudity.

Nudity is extremely rare and is only seen as a flash teaser or when the bar is commissioned for a private party.

Looks (Girls)

Highly subjective. Many will say Thai girls are prettier and smile more. Thai girls generally have smaller frames. Tattoos, ghost-face makeup & hair dye are very common. Fake boobs are also in the rise.

Highly subjective. Many will say Filipino girls are more natural. Filipino girls generally have bigger boobs along with a bit more flesh. Filipino girls have a lot fewer tattoos and more often keep their hair naturally black. Fake boobs are fairly rare.

Unprotected Sex

Thais seem reasonably educated concerning risks of unprotected sex, a fair few still engage in this practice.

Filipinos are generally uneducated about the risks of unprotected sex and many will engage. Lots of single and unsupported mothers.

Anal sex

Reports are that many girls (and ladyboys) in Pattaya offer this option for punters

Conversely reports are that one may have to look a little harder in AC to find a willing girl.


Thai girls are very joking in nature and love kidding around, sometimes on the silly side.

Filipino girls are often more willing to try intimate play, including sex toys.

Girlfriend Experience

Day, week or more)

Not hard to find in beer bars, however, takes much more work from go-go's and can be very costly if for days. Girls may face heavy fines if skipping work days.

Easy to find everywhere. Most AC girls are very personally engaged. Most bars limits "being absent" penalties from from work to the payment of last barfine payment due.

Runners ** (leaving early)

Any monger with two weeks of experience in Pattaya likely have experienced a runner.

Runners do happen in Angeles as well but less frequently.


Many to be found especially on Beach Road, Walking Street and discos. Generally safe, especially for ST. A fair % are LBs

Highly inadvisable outside venues as many are underage or part of a sting or both. In discos many options and generally safe.


Most girls know enough to understand requests for services and basic small talk. Few are quite good and some struggle.

Most speak good enough English to have a real conversation. On occasions a girl may struggle a bit. English is one of two official languages

Other Things To Do

Lots of options including temples, beach walks, parks, cabarets, island trips, golf, zoos, massages, water parks, beach (Jomtien), etc.

While P4P and bars is the heavy weight in AC it is not completely void of options, including legal casinos, golf, movies, real cheap mani-pedi, massages, etc.


Beggars are around, but rarely in your face.

Beggars are plentiful on/near Fields Ave and can be quite annoying; give a coin to one and there will soon be 10 more asking.

Street Vendors

Very common around beer bars and Walking Street, especially after dark. Sometimes a bit annoying.

Found all over Fields Ave and are often quite pushy ... all selling the same: Tobacco, gum, umbrellas and questionable ED drugs


** This is an item where some may dispute this report.

Editors Note: The above comparisons are made to be as concise and objective as possible.
On a personal note Pattaya is clearly the best choice for a longer stay, however, Angeles City is more "full on" and in the short term more exciting. Your AC barfine is more likely to genuinely take care of you (GFE) and putting together a threesome is much easier than Pattaya.
Angeles is less expensive when it comes to P4P and bars, especially if you want to have your BF staying LT. For example it is easy to pick up a BF on a Perimeter Road bar for about 1,500-1,800 peso (1,100-1,400 baht) in the afternoon and negotiate for her to stay till late morning. In other words 14-16 hours.
On the contrary don't expect much more than P4P and bars in Angeles and do be prepared for a scene that is much more 3rd world than Pattaya.

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