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P4P (Pay 4 Pleasure) in Thailand

One of the many interesting things that Thailand offers is called P4P (Pay 4 Pleasure). Let us face the fact that most visitors to this website already have or plan to visit the country with this goal more or less in mind. For this reason, this topic will be addressed in some detail. Detailed information about prices is not within the scope of this guide. Prices change over time and also vary by location. Besides, prices are often negotiable and therefore an individual matter.

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Pricing: As was just mentioned, local web forums and discussion boards are excellent sources of information about the "going rates". You can join those forums and ask questions of more seasoned members. However, be aware that there are many and different opinions about prices in the p4p scene. Some people have made their own rules about how much to pay, and they will tell newbies that they should follow their advice. Other members of the discussion boards do not believe in telling others how much to pay, all they can do is provide general guidelines. Regardless of what you believe, knowing the so-called going rates is a good starting point. If you donít feel like joining any discussion forums, there is another option. There are many seasoned travelers and ex-pats that regularly visit bars and other entertainment venues in the major cities. Many of them will welcome an opportunity to answer your questions and be of assistance. If is not hard to find them around in the bars. You might find a beer to be good investment under such circumstances.
Failing this, you can simply ask the lady you fancy how much ST or LT costs (see Abbreviations) and more often than not you will get a fair answer. Obviously this leaves an opportunity to take advantage of the customer especially if the lady of the night believes that you are a rookie.

Negotiation (money): It is not uncommon for a lady to allow you to barfine her and take her to your room without ever discussing money. She may do so if she trusts that you are seasoned and know how much a reasonable compensation is, or she may do so if she is too shy to ask you. Either way this implies a bit of knowledge and responsibility on behalf of the customer and is not recommended for newbie's. Some would say that it is not recommended for anyone. So before paying the barfine, make sure there is an understanding between you about the amount you are going to pay.
Before you start talking price with a lady, you should be clear about how much you would be willing to pay her. Whether you ask her directly or not, be careful not to negotiate downwards too much. She may agree, but then you can also be sure that she has lost some of her motivation and that may affect your experience negatively. Put simply, if she thinks you are a cheapskate, she will also give you cheap service. If you do not like the price she quotes then you can always say no thanks and go elsewhere or perhaps realize that you expectations were too high.
Lastly, it is important to note that some ladies will quote you a ridicules price in case she does not want to go with you for any reason. This is simply her way of saying no while saving her own and your face.

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