The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

A "How To" Guide to Adult for fun in Thailand
What to do, what not to do, how to do, ... and a little who to do.


When planning or contemplating a trip to meet Asian beauties in Thailand for fun and pleasure, wouldn't it be nice if there was a single place where you can find most of the information needed for a successful trip ... all in one place. The forums or discussion boards do have all that information many times over. Often, though, the prudent advice and information is scattered over countless threads covering various and different topics.

It can be confusing for a newbie to even know where to begin looking for information, and even still less to know which questions to ask. The forum search functions may be a good start, but it does have some limitations and often the search results are many thread matches where finding the exact information that one may be looking for can be time consuming.

As a service to assist newbie's who may be planning a first or second trip to Thailand this comprehensive newbie guide has been created by

The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand provides readers with enough information and answers most essential questions that a newbie may have. If you gain enough knowledge and wisdom from this guide to be able to plan your trip well, then its purpose has been achieved. Using the information provided in this guide will give you guidelines about how to enjoy your trip after your own fashion and which pitfalls to avoid so that you can begin to ask more specific questions on the relevant web boards.

The information given here is based on personal experiences of people who have often traveled to or even lived for years in Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and many other places. Sometimes, that experience has been gained as a result of costly mistakes. Mistakes costly in terms of money and time, not to mention other things such as destroyed holidays. It is our hope that by using the information in the guide, you will be able to steer free of the mistakes and have the holiday of your life.

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This guide is organized into sections found on top of each page as a menu bar. Within each section are a collection of related pages with detailed information. Hold the cursor over any section of the menu bar and a list (sub menu) of pages related to that section will appear. Move the cursor down and click on that item
Often slang, abbreviations and acronyms are used in the guide as they are used by seasoned visitors and members of web boards. In the P4P (Pay for Pleasure) section there is a page dedicated to commonly used Abbreviations.

The Ultimate Newbie
Guide to Thailand