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This chapter of The Ultimate New Guide To Thailand covers some of the many topics that are not covered in the main chapters. This includes the topics briefly outlined below. Click the link for each topic to connect to the section with additional details.

Money Matters: When traveling to a destination that uses a different currency, exchange is one of the most obvious questions, but there are other money matters to consider. This includes credit cards, ATM cards, travelers checks, accounts, cautions and last but not least certain legal matters.

Thai Language: Whatever country you visit, it is always advantageous to prepare with a small vocabulary, if nothing else to express the common pleasantries, such as hello, goodbye, thank you, etc. This guide offers a short list of words and phrases that can be useful to know.

Dos and Don'ts in Thailand: Visiting a country with a different culture means that one can easily and inadvertently act in a manner the is inappropriate. Many of these 'mistakes' are minor in nature and may hardly be noticed. Other conducts or behaviors that one may exhibit may be much more serious. This includes acts that at home means little, but in Thailand could be embarrassing if not turn out to be a criminal offence. This section will help you stay out of trouble as well as help you make a good impression on the locals.

Seasoned Advice: Random advice provided by seasoned travelers and expats in Thailand. Both educational and a fun read.

Tipping: The tourist areas of Thailand sees visitors from virtually all parts of the world and with that comes visitors with very different tipping cultures and certainty different opinions about the rights and wrongs about tipping.

Mobile Phones: Access to mobile phone calling and text messaging is not only handy, but also easy and inexpensive in Thailand with SIM cards being sold everywhere including thousands of convenience stores.

Helpful information from other sections

Spotting Ladyboys: Some may desire to experience an encounter with a ladyboy, while others might be downright terrified. This guide offers a comprehensive set of tools to help in spotting ladyboys so hopefully not be caught in a situation that is not desirable.

WishCard Maker for Threesomes: This unique tool can help you communicate in Thai language if you have a desire to organize a threesome in Thailand. It will help avoid misunderstandings and convey the exact points you are trying to make.

Embassies/Consulates: International travel often involves the need to contact an embassy/consulate; whether that the destination country's embassy/consulate in your home country or your own in the destination country. The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand offers a comprehensive list of Thai embassies/consulates around the world as well as embassies/consulates in Thailand ...  from Argentina to Zimbabwe

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