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Forums or discussion boards are excellent places for newbies to "meet" and chat with other newbies as well as seasoned travelers to Thailand or expats residents living in Thailand.
I you do sign up for
Most are happy to answer legitimist questions posted by newbies so long as you follow two rules.


Observe the forum rules


Make an attempt to search for the answer first and while you soon will become part of the banter, it pays to be a little humble at first. Also take the opportunity to make your first post an introduction of yourself. It need not include any personal information (some choose to give first name), but things like the country you are from, when you plan to visit and where.
With a nice introduction, you can sneak in a few basic question, even if the topic has been covered many times before.

Again be nice and have fun (many topics on these boards may not relate to Mongering or P4P) and do not forget as you someday become a seasoned traveler that you too were a newbie once.
If you do sign up for any of the boards and introduce yourself, please mention that you found the board while reading this guide on

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Secrets is a Hotel with a Restaurant/Night Club. It is located in Soi 14 off Walking Street. The venue also runs a board called The Pattaya Club.
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Pattaya-Addicts is an independent board with no direct affiliation to any bar, but is funded by sponsorships and advertisements.
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