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The Ultimate Newbie Guide To Thailand

This guide has been created to help Newbies who go to Thailand for some adult fun. Whether you are going for the first, second or third time this guide can help you with planning and with tips. A list of keywords are provided below or simply press "Enter" to start from the exploring the guide from beginning.
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Guest Houses in Thailand
Guest Houses in Pattaya
Guest Houses in Phuket
Guest Houses in Bangkok
Resorts in Thailand
Resorts in Pattaya

Resorts in Phuket
Resorts in Bangkok
Hotels in Thailand
Hotels in Pattaya
Hotels in Phuket
Hotels in Bangkok

Comprehensive recommendation for selecting the right accommodations



Adult Entertainment:
Adult Entertainment Thailand
Adult Entertainment Pattaya
Adult Entertainment Phuket
Adult Entertainment Bangkok

Adult Guide:
Adult Guide to Thailand
Adult Guide to Pattaya
Adult Guide to Phuket
Adult Guide to Bangkok

Looking for adult entertainment and fun in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok) this guide is for you especially if you are a Newbie.

Fantasea Phuket
Floating Market Bangkok
Floating Market Pattaya

Jim Thompson House
Simon Cabaret Phuket
Wat Pho / Wat Phra Kaew (Grand Palace)

There are 100’s of good attractions, this guide covers some of the most important in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok).

Bar Closures and Holidays:
Alcohol on Thai Holidays
Alcohol Thailand Holiday
Public Holidays in Thailand


Bar Closures Thailand
Bar Closures Patong
Bar Closures Pattaya
Bar Closures Phuket


On certain holidays in Thailand bars may be required to close or restrict the sale of alcohol. This guide can help you plan your holiday around the days of bar closures

Bar Fine
Long Time - LT
Short Time - ST

Butterfly P4P/Bar Scene

Most definitions and terms used in the P4P arena in Thailand are covered in this guide along with some essential language translation.

Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island
Phi-Phi Islands
Karon Beach
Kata Beach
Nana Entertainment Plaza
Nana Plaza
Nana/Lower Sukhumvit
Patpong Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Bangkok
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Patong Beach
Walking Street Pattaya
Bangla Road, Patong, Phuket
Beach Road Phuket
Distance Between Walking Street And Beach Pattaya
What to See and Do in Pattaya
What to See and Do in Phuket
What to See and Do in Bangkok

Wow, so many place to go in Thailand, whether that being cities and island or just sections within. This Guide will assist.


Destinations, Pattaya Sois:
BoyzTown Pattaya
Soi 13 Pattaya
Soi 14 Pattaya
Soi 15 Pattaya
Soi 6
Soi 6 Bars Pattaya
Soi 6 Girls Pattaya
Soi 6 Ladyboys Pattaya
Soi 6 P4P Pattaya
Soi 6 Pattaya
Soi 6 Pictures Pattaya

Soi 7 Pattaya
Soi 8 Pattaya
Soi Cowboy/Upper Sukhumvit
Soi Honey Pattaya
Soi Honey Pattaya
Soi LK Metro Pattaya
Soi LK Pattaya
Beach Road Pattaya
Coconut Bar Pattaya
Walking Street Pattaya
Naklua Road Pattaya
Coconut Bar Pattaya

Pattaya is famous for it many sois (streets) featuring P4P. This guide details them area by area.



Featured Bars:
Bar Secrets Bar, Pattaya


Bars that feature this site on their site

Pattaya Forum
Bangkok Forum
Thailand Forum

The Pattaya Club Forum AKA Secrets Forum

Pattaya-Addicts Forum

There are many forums dedicated to Thailand. This is a list of some of them.

Massage with Happy Ending Thailand
Massage with Happy Ending Pattaya
Massage with Happy Ending Phuket
Massage with Happy Ending Bangkok

Ladyboy Massage Thailand
Ladyboy Massage Pattaya
Ladyboy Massage Phuket
Ladyboy Massage Bangkok

One cannot visit Thailand without a Massage; whether that being with or without a “Happy Ending”.

Massage Soapy:
Soapy Massage
Soapy Massage Thailand
Soapy Massage Patong
Soapy Massage Pattaya
Soapy Massage Phuket
Soapy Massage Phuket Town
Soapy Massage Bangkok

Soapy (Full Body Massage)
Christin Massage Massage
Sabai Room Massage
Honey Massage
Sabai Dee Massage

Soapy Massage (Full Body Massage) is something special in Thailand. Imagine having a girl using her whole body to massage yours.

Newbie Info:
Newbie Advise Thailand
Newbie Advise Pattaya
Newbie Advise Phuket
Newbie Advise Bangkok
Newbie Guide to Thailand
Newbie Guide to Pattaya
Newbie Guide to Phuket
Newbie Guide to Bangkok

Newbie Tips Thailand
Newbie Tips Pattaya
Newbie Tips Phuket
Newbie Tips Bangkok
Pattaya Newbie
Phuket Newbie
Phuket Forum
Phuket Newbie Guide
Bangkok Newbie
Bangkok Newbie Guide

Newbie’s needs info before visiting Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok) and the Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand has it all.

Other Site Matches:
Boo Boo Me

Boom Boom in Pattaya
Boom Boom in Phuket
Boom Boom in Bangkok

Just to catch additional searches and optimize the Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

P4P (Pay for Pleasure):
P4P in Thailand
Escort Services

P4P in Pattaya
P4P in Phuket
P4P in Bangkok

Want to know about P4P, you are in the right place

P4P Prices:
Price P4P Thailand
Price P4P Pattaya
Price P4P Phuket
Price P4P Bangkok

Price Boom Boom Thailand
Price Boom Boom Pattaya
Price Boom Boom Phuket
Price Boom Boom Bangkok

What do the girls charge, how much for bar fine. Find out here.

Bar Girls
Freelancers in Pattaya Beach Road, Coyote
GFE (Girl Friend Experience)
GFE Experience In Pattaya
Mamasan or Papasan

Bargirl Thailand
Bargirl Pattaya
Bargirl Phuket
Bargirl Bangkok
Bar girl Thailand
Bar girl Pattaya
Bar girl Phuket
Bar girl Bangkok

Who is who in P4P, this guide will detail it for you including who is who, what to expect and where to find them.

Jet Ski Rental Pattaya
Jet Ski Rental Phuket
Jet Ski Rental Thailand


SCAMS, they are plentiful in Thailand. This guide has a dedicated section for that.

Sex Tourist:
Sex Tourist Guide Thailand
Sex Tourist Guide Pattaya
Sex Tourist Guide Phuket
Sex Tourist Guide Bangkok

Monger Tourist

If you are a sex tourist to Thailand, lots of info here. The guide have pages dedicated to explain the different venues, various relations in P4P and highlights if the major tourist centers.

Sexual Transmitted Deceases in Thailand:
AIDS, HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis, STD

STD in Thailand
Bar girls STD
Ladyboys STD

Sexual transmitted deceases are prevalent in P4P in Thailand. This guide can help understand the need to protect yourself.

Devil’s Den Pattaya
Devils Den Pattaya
Eden Club Bangkok and Devil's Den Pattaya

Eden Club Bangkok
Eden Den Bangkok
Hell Club Pattaya
WishCard for Threesomes

Like threesomes, mane options here including a special tool to create a custom WishCard printed in both Thai and English.

Baht Bus,
BTS (Sky-train),
MRT (subway),

Private Car

All bout transportation in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok) including Bath Bus, Tuk-Tuk, Taxi, Sky Train, Sub Way, etc.

Travel Info:
Thai Baht
Vaccinations for Thailand

Travel Visa Thailand
Mobile Phones in Thailand
SIM Card in Thailand

So many things to consider, plan for and remember when traveling to Thailand. This guise offers all the necessary information

Bar scene:
Beer Bar

Blow Job Bars in Pattaya
Blow Job Bars in Phuket
Blow Job Bars in Bangkok
Short Time and BJ bars

So many different venues from out door bars to fancy GoGo entertainment … leant all about them here

Xtra Phrases:
Thailand Come Horny Leave Happy
The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand
The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Pattaya

The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Phuket
The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Bangkok
New Bie

Other phrases related to this site

Tour Guide to Thailand
Tour Guide to Bangkok
Tour Guide to Pattaya
Tour Guide to Phuket
Tourist Guide to Thailand
Tourist Guide to Bangkok

Tourist Guide to Pattaya
Tourist Guide to Phuket
Travel Guide to Thailand
Travel Guide to Bangkok
Travel Guide to Pattaya
Travel Guide to Phuket

Whether you are looking for a tour guide, a tourist guide or a travel guide to Thailand of any of the top destinations, The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand can help you.

Under the belt phrases:
Whores in Thailand
Whores in Bangkok
Whores in Pattaya
Whores in Phuket
Prostitutes in Thailand
Prostitutes in Bangkok

Prostitutes in Pattaya
Prostitutes in Phuket
Sex Workers in Thailand
Sex Workers in Bangkok
Sex Workers in Pattaya
Sex Workers in Phuket

Well some just use different words.



Spotting Ladyboys
Ladyboys in Thailand
Ladyboys in Bangkok

Ladyboys in Pattaya
Ladyboys in Phuket

Ladyboys is a magnet to some and a frightening thought to other.
This guide can help you spot them

Tipping In Thailand
Tipping in Bangkok
Tipping in Pattaya
Tipping in Phuket


Visitors come from all over the world and from each destination there is a different culture of tipping. This guide can help you

Barfine Gone Wrong
Barfine Gone Wrong in Bangkok
Barfine Gone Wrong in Pattaya
Barfine Gone Wrong in Phuket


At time things do not work out exactly the way they should. This guide can help you stay out of trouble.

Thai Fever
Private Dancer


There are many books written about relationships, this guides links to some of the most popular.




The Ultimate Newbie
Guide to Thailand

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