The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

Getting Drunk in Thailand 

Some people come to Thailand to party to the max, including excess alcohol consumption. Most often that does not pose a problem other than how you may feel the next morning.
What and how much you drink is obviously a personal matter and this guide is not designed to give any lessons as what you do during your holiday.
However, if you are a newbie and are only experienced with drinking in public in the west you may want to review some pointers listed below.

Opportunities: You are traveling to a country where a high percentage of the population function at a much lower economic scale and as such some may be opportunistic and may find it easier to take advantage of an individual who is intoxicated.
This is true whether it comes to simple pickpocket, bill padding (see scams), a direct confrontation or a visitor that you may take to your room. In the latter case you may sooner or later pass out with a visitor in the room who now is having a free roam to sort through your stuff.

Confrontations: Many people (most not even knowing it) have a tendency to have a bit of a character change when intoxicated. Often that may be more towards the entertaining side, but unfortunately other may become loud, confrontational, argumentative, or even aggressive. It is a blessing that most Thais are very tolerant of western tourists and simply "think to themselves". Some of these trades acquired while intoxicated unfortunately can back-fire with Thai people and can quickly escalate to an all out fight. Should that happen do not for a second think that being a larger western person will help you much, especially since when you could be facing a half dozen in no time.

Accidents: Alcohol related accidents can happen anywhere, whether you are driving intoxicated or just around and about in a drunken state. Thais drive like crazy and there are thousands of examples of westerners under the influence being hit or causing accidents ... often with very serious results.

Additional: The climate and there is a potential for dehydration and heat related illnesses, which is addressed in the Climate Section.

ENJOY your Trip: For all of this, Thailand is a remarkably safe place and the vast majority of Thais are the loveliest people you'll ever meet. But Thailand, just like every country, has an unsafe side and if you behave like a twat, then bad things can happen.

The Ultimate Newbie
Guide to Thailand