The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

Top Destinations in Thailand

After you have decided to go to LOS (Land of Smiles), you will need to decide what places to visit and how long to stay in each place.
Thailand has many destinations that are interesting and fun to visit, however, unless you have a great amount of time you will not be able to get to them all during your first few trips.
The top three destinations for first-time visitors are Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Unless you have done other research or clearly have an agenda that includes different destinations, you might want to focus on one or more of these three. Alternative destinations may include smaller and more secluded islands, like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Chiang, or Koh Phangan. Perhaps Hau Hin or Krabi southwest of Bangkok, or the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand might be of interest.
Some of the things to keep in mind when selecting a destination is the types of activity you are looking for: Shopping, attractions, temples, beaches, diving, nature, bars, ladies, more ladies, etc. Below is a short caption for some of the popular destinations in Thailand, with emphasis on Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Bangkok: This is the port of entry for most who travel to Thailand and also the capital of Thailand. For these reasons Bangkok should be a serious consideration in anyone’s itinerary. How long you stay is a matter of your preferences.
As the capitol, Bangkok has countless tourist and cultural attractions and it is not hard to fill up a few days.
Some of the largest and most famous temples are in Bangkok and so are most museums. The Grand Palace is another. Being the big city that it is some consider it a paradise for shopping with certain unique markets as well as huge shopping centers.
Bangkok has 4 districts catering to adult night life; for more details
see the Bangkok Section.

Phuket: Has a fine balance of adult nightlife, beaches and
daytime excursion. Phuket is a tourist destination in most
respects and has plenty to offer everyone, especially if a laid
back holiday with a variety of beaches is the goal. Being the
type of destination that it is, one should also expect a slightly
to moderately higher pricing structure.
For more information see the Phuket Section.

Pattaya: Located just 1.5 hours (car) to 2 hours (bus) south of Bangkok it is a convenient destination for anyone using Bangkok as the gateway. While Pattaya has a lot to offer, it is first and foremost known as a near 24-hour party town with endless adult entertainment venues available and if being a sex tourist is part of the game, it is a must visit.
Sure Pattaya has more to offer including (reasonable) beaches, golfing, etc.
For more information see the Pattaya Section.

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