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Barfine Gone Wrong

By far most of the time everybody is having a good time in LOS that leaves a smile on your  face. Arguably some better than others. On occasions things may not go as expected and knowing what to do or what not to may come in handy.
       On this page barfine or girl refers to the individual that one would bring to the room
       as a guest whether it is actually a female or whether it is actually someone from a bar.

In short do not get aggravated and sometimes do accept a loss. Loss meaning that you may pay for something that you expected and did not quite get. Aggravation including a raised voice does not set well with Thais and may backfire. Do keep in mind that this is your holiday and the last thing you want is to get cross haired with a Thai over what may amount to just a few Dollars, Pound, Euros or whatever.
Remember Thais have "friends" that can easily mess with your happiness.

If the girl was taken from a bonafide establishment like a bar it may be advisable to report the mishap to the management of the bar, but remember you paid the bar only for the girl to leave the bar and if she did leave with you the bar honored its commitment. That said bars do not want a girl that sets a pattern of bad or unexpected behavior, so reporting it Ultimately can be of benefit to all. DO NOT ask for money back, but a good manager may give you a beer if your concern is legit.

Below are a few examples of "situations" that are possible and advisable to keep in mind.


Comments / Considerations


A runner is usually referred to as a barfine that agreed to a longer period of time and leaves before then. For example she may have agreed to stay overnight and after a couple of hours "needs" to leave. The excuses for the early departure are endless and can range from "she forgot to give her key to her roommate" to "getting sick" to "a phone call staging an emergency"
If this situation happens to you it is fair if you want to pay less and you can indeed propose that. If that creates hostility it is best advised to just pay up and call part of it a loss and get on with the holiday. Perhaps get right back out to the bars and find a replacement if the night is still young enough.
When barfining you may want to emphasize an end of "deal" time if that is important to you.
A runner can even be someone who disappears before you even get to the room. Again, report it to the bar and move on.


On occasions some girls just want to keep "sticking around" and not wanting to leave when you want them to. Obviously they (kind of) like you but another night of income is more likely the reason.
So how do you dismiss them without a scene. Possibly the best way is to pay them what you owe them and most often they will get the message. Another option is opening the door to the room and wait there politely for her to depart (give her a kiss as she does). You may also turn the table and do what the runners do ... stage a "situation" where you must go somewhere.

Poor Service

No one wants a disappointing experience, but it happens. There is hardly anything you can do about that, but to hope the next will be better. Pay up and move on.
"Poor service" can mean many things including passed out drunk, completely passive (AKA starfish), refusal to partake, etc.
If you do pay up early and the night is young you can simply ask her to leave and go "shopping" again.


While some do desire them, most do not want a ladyboy in the room, but it can happen. The ladyboy may have purposely fooled you, but may also have been under the impression that this is what you wanted. This is not the time to get upset, but rather to find an amicable way out of the situation. This could range from "some" compensation to even pay the full agreed upon compensation and let her leave. Remember Thais have "friends" and besides this is a "man" that can easily mess with your happiness and don't forget you are on holiday.
More about ladyboys: Spotting Ladyboys


It is not uncommon that a girl will try to take you on a bit of a detour. There can be two motivations for this.
1. Stall the trip to the room so to limit "activity" and even get you drunk.
2. Visit her friends bar to pry a few more lady drinks out of you.
If you want to go barhopping with girl, you should pick the bars. If you do go to a bar of her choice you may want to limit or refuse lady drinks to her "friends", but that can also cause a loss of face to your girl an lesser service in the room. Maybe the best is to buy ONE and get out of there.


It is very rare for theft to occur, especially if your guest is barfined from a commercial establishment, BUT it can happen. Accordingly, if your room has an in situ safe then you would be wise to secure your valuables in it.
Some hotels, especially those which log or hold the barfine's ID, will not allow the barfine leave the premises without your confirmation that all is well, so to that extent it is advisable to ask about the hotel's policy beforehand

Inadequate or Incompatible

There may be situations when a bar fine falls short of expectations, even before any personal service takes place and you choose to terminate the event. Situations may include you being turned off at some point, you simply change your mind, etc.

At this point the right thing to do is view this as you would any other business agreement. If she is ready, willing and able the customer owes what has been agreed upon Of cause there is nothing wrong with trying to renegotiate and if a new agreement is reached then good for both.

Post Script: The above is all about what can go wrong. Other than little hiccups and small disappointments it is rare that anything does go wrong, especially to those who know the "score". If you are new to the scene, do stick with getting girls from bars and other businesses and avoid freelancers for a while. As a PPS it may be worth noting that freelancers are more likely to be drug users, which can open a can of worms.

Last note to keep in mind: A bad night out in Thailand is probably still better than mediocre night out back home.

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