The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Thailand

Selecting Accommodations  

To point out the right or best accommodations is way beyond the scope of this guide as everybody are different; however, a few recommendations can be given to point you in the right directions.

Price Range: Accommodations come in all price ranges in Thailand and your needs and wallet will be the governing factors. Where prices are given in this section it is a range low to high season (and typical at best), keeping in mind that city and location plays a big factor

Guest houses: These are usually the least expensive and offer little more than a bed, shower, TV, minimal housekeeping and sometimes a small breakfast. Air conditioner and Wi-Fi may or may not be included. If all you are looking for is a place to sleep and have a visitor this may do. The price can be as little as 400-800 baht per night.

Standard Hotels: This is the most common choice for tourists and they are generally in the 3-star category. Typically these hotels provides all that the average tourist needs, including daily room cleaning, small restaurant, in-room safe, bathroom amenities, sometimes a mini-bar, A/C and often a pool or pool access. Since "Standard hotels" covers a wide range so will the price. At the lower end of the range 700-1200+ baht is typical and at the higher end 1200-2000 baht.

Upscale/Luxury Hotels: Obviously high end means higher price. In Thailand it is possible to get a full 5-star hotel for 3-6,000 baht per night depending on season and location.

Internet Access: Most hotels offer free Internet access, but not all. Some offer it only in the lobby and/or restaurant areas. If you are bringing your laptop computer you may want to check with you hotel before booking. Some hotels offer guests access to a PC in the lobby. An alternative is using Internet cafes which are everywhere. Internet cafes usually charge 1 baht per minute, but can be as low as half on an hourly basis. Some bars also offer free Internet access.

Location: For some this is important whether it being near the Beach, Shopping or a Party area. If you frequently plan to visit the beach, party area, etc. during your stay you may want to pay a few extra baht to be near that. For example if partying in Patong, Phuket, is your game it may be advisable to stay near Bangla Road, even if it costs a bit more. A ride out and home could each cost 2-500 baht each way; add that to the price of a hotel in walking distance and you may find it a win-win.

Guest Friendly: A Guest Friendly hotel is one that will allow you to bring back a guest for the night at no additional charge (no joiner fee). Some hotels will charge you anywhere from a few hundred baht to over 1,000 baht to bring back a guest and then some will not allow guests at all. If you come to Thailand to (in whole or in part) play with ladies and want to take them back to your hotel, the wrong hotel choice can ruin your holiday, or at the least cost you a lot of money.
It is advisable to email the hotel prior to booking and get an answer to whether it is guest friendly or not. If you get a positive and affirmative answer, print out a copy of that email and bring it with you . Just in case.
Most often it is the more upscale hotels that are not guest friendly.

Package Hotels: Discount or charger airfares may be sold with a hotel package included in the price, however, the exact hotel may not be available at the time of booking and will be assigned later based on available inventory. This could cause 2 potential problems. 1. The location is not desirable and transportation to beach/venues bothersome/expensive. 2. The hotel does not allow guests or charge a dear joiner fee. For these reasons booking like this should be done with caution.

The Ultimate Newbie
Guide to Thailand