Public Bar Closures in Thailand 2015, 2016 and 2017

Public Holidays & Bar
Closures in Thailand

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Exceptions to the Rules &
Reality of Bar Closures

On certain holidays the Thai government mandates restrictions on the sale of alcohol (bar closures) and other activities such as loud music in entertainment venues. On and before election days alcohol restrictions are likely as well.

Some hotels meeting certain criteria used to be exempt from the restrictions, but that exemption has been eliminated with the current government.
Some bars and retail outlets "take their chances" and will continue to sell.

What does "Bar Closure" mean and what are the effects

Bar Closure means restrictions on the sale of alcohol and playing music.


Some bars may remain open, but will not be serving alcohol.


Some bars may still serve alcohol, but usually using a different protocol, e.g. no bottles in the open and/or pay as you go.


Almost all larger bars and GoGo's will be closed, along with many smaller ones.


Retail outlets such as supermarkets and convenience stores likely will not sell alcohol, but some independent liquor stores may.

Hours of Closure


Over the years this has varied from bars being allowed to continue business past midnight the day before to simple closure during all hours of the calendar day to calendar closures.


In recent years the latter has prevailed, but in certain regions many bars that are closed through the evening elect not to open after midnight.


If bar fining and/or alcoholic beverages are a desired element of the day, then planning ahead is key.


Get a girl for two nights (or three) and enjoy


Stock up in the room


Go hunting for bars that serve regardless (considerably fewer, but not hard to find)


Partake in Thai/Buddhist events


Give it a sabbatical day


Hold your breath and wait for the "letter" (someday the Thais are bound to miss a Buddhist holiday)

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