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Walk round Pattaya - Sunday 23 OCT 2011

Soi Buakhao - Looking South

Soi Buakhao - Note the next Tin Hat beer bars to the right

More new beer bars under contruction

The others are not finished, but this one was open last night.

Soi Buakhao - New Beer bar complex to the right

New Beer Bar complex, with 48 units, and an UNDERGROUND carpark.

Side view of the new 48 unit beer bar complex

Side view

Even the Tiler is working on Sunday

Soi Buakhao - heading North

"Motocy" and passenger

Watching the road

Baht Bus dropping off passengers on Second Road

Waiting for the Green Traffic Light

Secrets Coyote

Secrets Coyote

Secrets Super Sunday Lunch

Secrets Coyote

Jet Skis in the water

An empty beach road. Looks like the pedestrian traffic lights are working somewhere

While Beach Road empty, Second Road is a total traffic jam

Sandbags piled up in case of another flash flood

Looking into LK Metro from Soi Diana Inn

Champagne Agogo

Mash Agogo

The Office Agogo

Looking out of LK Metro to Soi Diana Inn

Looking out of LK Metro to Soi Buakhao

Submarine Agogo

Kiss Agogo

New Agogo - sister club to Kiss Agogo

Looking into LK Metro from Soi Buakhao

Sugar Sugar Agogo, corner of Soi Buakhao and LK Metro

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