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Sukhawadee House, Banglamung (on Sukhumvit Highway), Pattaya

The Grid Ref is 12° 58" 56.2", 100° 55"02.7".

This is the sign you see, as you drive down Sukhumvit Highway (Route 3). just North of Naklua, located between the road and the beach.

The first view you get as you arrive and park your car.

Tickets to view the two main buildings are available here - 200 Baht per head. (I think the garden is free)

You can have "Golf Cart" transport round the grounds, but I chose to walk. "NO VIDEO, NO VIDEO!" said my guide.

Laem Chabang industrial area in the distance
Laem Chabang Container Port in the distance

Saha Farms and CP are the two main suppliers of chicken products in Thailand and export around the world.

Look at the next photo to see the actual size of those doors.

They are large sized double doors, with armchairs againdt the wall.

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