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Songkran photos - Pattaya - 19 April 2011

The following photos were all taken with a Olympus Tough 8000 aka Mu 8000 Waterproof camera, on a walk from Third Road, down Soi Leng Kee, past Oasis, back down Soi Dian Inn, LK Metro, Second road, and then back to Third Road..

Water tanker replenishing peoples water barrels

Outside Buffalo Bar

They use blocks of ice to chill down the water thrown over people

A frienly handshake, even during the water fight

Girls dancing outside Oasis Agogo, Soi Buakhao

While everybody joins in, the boiled egg vendor relaxes

Liquid Lounge, Soi Buakhao - 2-3 months later it became Sugar Sugar Agogo

Not dry for long!

Boom Baby Agogo, just off Soi Buakhao

Pook Bar, Soi Buakhao (Katoeys aka Ladyboys)

Outside Siam Sawsdee, Soi Buakhao

Close quaters hosepipe attack

Soi Honey Inn

Pillion passenger posing with Thai Good Luck sign

Outside Kilkennys, LK Metro

LK Metro

Outside The Office Agogo, LK Metro

Areca Lodge front gate, Soi Diana Inn

Tourist in wet tee-shirt

Overdoing it with the Blessing Powder on her face, I think

Coop of Chik-n-Coop Bar, Smile Avenue, Second Road, near The Avenue

Trying to stay dry, but did not succeed. A girl rushed out and poured water down his neck.

Washing the powder out her eyes

Outside Smile Avenue

Check out this music machine - I mean the Truck with speakers

Back in Soi Diana Inn

The cowards way to participate. Throw water, but not get wet yourself. Also water from that height HURTS

Friendly rough and tumble in LK Metro

Accommodation still availabe at 170 Baht a night

Good luck / Blessing power seen on many cars. Only good luck if you remember to clean the windscreen before driving.

Full laden pick-up on Third Road

"The Village", Third Road

The Ranch, Third Road

What safety regulations? Just hold on tight!

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