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Wat Saen Suk Sut-ti-wa-ra-ram in Bang Saen, Chonburi

Situated about an hour North of Pattaya on "Route 3" (although Motorway 7 may be quicker, but a longer journey), Wat Saen Suk depicts the options one has in life of good and bad. It shows the punisjment for bad deeds, and shows the happiness of a good family life.

There are 7 Buddhas, one for each day of the week. This is real Gold Leaf which you rub onto the statue

You buy (give a donation) for a small cage of birds, which you then set free, for good luck.

Asking Buddha for forgiveness

The happy family scene, Wife, Husband and child.

How to deal with a drunkard hursband

Trying to keep his head above the water

The many coloured roof.

Making Merit

While visiting Ban Saen, visit The Bangsaen Institute of Marine Science where the have a large Marine Aquarium

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