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Pattaya - Daily life on the day of Loy Krathong, Thursday 10 NOV 2011

Staff transport home - No minibus with seat belts

Seasoning the food to her liking.

Sometimes they cram in more passengers.

The fruit market outside Mikes Shopping Mall, aimed mainly at coach parties.

Tim Beer Bar Agogo gets the free food ready to the party tonight.

Genuine fresh squeezed orange juice

This family car is easier to park!

Car Stereo, anyone?

See - some people still walk.

Bugs for sale. Yes, I have eaten some of them.

Delivering some Krathongs. Bare headed, while the crash helmet hangs on the handlebars

There may be no Singha Beer in town, but plenty of San Mig Lite (I love Filipino beer)

"Sidewalks" (I call them pavements!) clogged, so walk in the road

There are many VW Bus Cocktails Wagons in town.

Many choices of food to BBQ, Pork, Chicken and Fish Balls

(I must get my head round "White Balance" correction!)

Door girls (or greeters) at Silver Star on Walking Street

The display of motorbikes brought a lot of attention.

One of the bikes on display

Taking photos of each other as mementos

Coyote dancer in Secrets Hotel and Nightclub, Soi 14, Walking Street

One of the few places that does LAMB kebabs. Delicious...

Greeters outside The Cavern Agogo.

There may be no eggs in the Supermarkets due to the floods, but no shortage of eggs here.

She is photographing the "Break Dancers"

"Let's get her home. She is as drunk as a skunk"

Simon II Beer Bar Complex, Walking Street

Sorry folks, the party is over. But there is always tomorrow..............

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