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Trips up country - Mae Sai, NE of Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand.

Trip date: 10-11 Dec 2011

A busy border town, relying on cross border trade with people over in Myanmar and tourists brought up by Tour Busses. While there are many market stalls, most repeated what others had for sale. A friend did a 3 hour walk round the market area and said that as for the Tourist Souvenirs, once you have visited the first dozen stalls, they were all the same, and prices mainly the same.

I stayed in a good hotel, but by 10:30pm, the bar closed and the staff went off duty. There did not appear to be any nightlife in the area that we could find out about. Typical of rural Thailand: Get up early, work, eat, go to bed early. Maybe there was a hidden Karaoke Bar with late night drinking, if we had time to find it. But still a lovely place to visit, chill out and relax. Worth the visit.

The main road through Mae Sai, with the Customs Gate and Myanmar (Burma) in the background

Chinese style building. The meeting hall next door seated our 400 delegates.

Waiting for their tour bus home

Me at the "Most Northern Point of Thailand"

Many Chinese buildings in town.

Local Mini-bus service to Chiang Saen

Market Scene

The Customs Gate and Immigration control crossing point

Welcome to Myanmar (formally known as Burma)

People passing over the bridge into Myanmar

Buddhist Monk with a camera at the "Northern most point" monument

A close-up. Staring straight at me.

After being given many samples to try, I bought some local Lychee wine.

Oranges and Pomegranates

Local Myanmar taxi crossing the bridge

Border control and customs

Samlor transporting goods (Samlor means Three Wheels)

Example of some of the crazy decorations and customisation of the Tour Busses in Thailand.

Roasting Chestnuts (in a hot pebble wok)

Thai Songteaw (Two Rows - ie of benches) aka Baht Bus. Full inside? Just hang on the back - you still pay, but so cheap.

The reason I was in Mae Sai that weekend.

Wrap up well. The afternoon was 22C and it dropped to 18C in the evening.

Personalising your Tour Bus

Safety? What Safety methods? slip-on shoes and soft hats. No planked walkways or safety rails used here.

The finished buildings, ready for sale or rent.

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