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Trips up country - Chiang Saen or Golden Triangle, NE of Chiang Rai, Nothern Thailand.

Trip date: Dec 2011

Diversion as they put in the new road to upgrade the route to Chiang Saen

You can hear this farm wagon coming, with its Phut-Phut-Phut engine noise - The local farm "Work horse"

Upgrading and rebuilding the road from Mae Sai to Ching Saen akka The Golden Triangle

From a narrow road to Dual Carriageway with safety bariers. Half the road labourers are women. Equal rights here!

Chiang Saen

Twin Elephant statues (with stairs) for a Photo Oppertunity

Mekong River with Laos on the other bank

Casino built in Laos. Remember Gambling is illegal in Thailand.

Map of the Golden Triangle area -Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.

Market vendors

Smile for the camera

Golden Buddha

Side view of Temple

Fake animal hats to keep you warm.

The Golden Triangle. Where the Ruak and Mekong rivers join. Myanmar to the left and Laos to the right

Another casino, I believe

A Ferryboat takes people ofer to the market in Laos

Steps up to The Golden Buddha

Podium for group photos.

Ornate gateway and Elephant statue

View of the Thailand riverside

More construction as we return to Mae Sai

Note the twisty road on the GPS

Old abandoned building project, maybe from the 1997 economic crash?

Mae Sai is in the shadow of these mountains

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