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Trips up country - Destination Roi Et and surrounding towns.

Trip date: July 2005

The rural road up towards the village

Buying snacks to take to school from a shop on the school gateway.

The traffic policeman on duty ready for Rush Hour in Seraphum, as the school (to the right) was about to turn out.

A truck full of Boy Scouts

The bright and spotless Wat in the village - My camera was tilted, not the Wat, but no image space to correct

A typical road in the village. This one leads to my friend house and also the Village School.

Early morning in the village. The old man was drunk already, so helped home by a neighbour.

Schoolkids sitting on the ground eating their food.

Picture of a run down classroom. When I next visited, it was all repainted and a pleasure to study in.

Cattle finding their way home as evening approaches

Pulling the young rice seedling from the nursery beds

Replanting and spacing out the rice seedlings, ready for growing on to full size for harvesting.

Trip date: March 2006

This was the dirt road into the village, off the feeder road through another village, from the main tarmac highway - now a concrete road

Even the heavy moving equipment reaches the village

The more normal transport around the farmland

It may not look much, but they are built to withstand the local traffic

Typical road in village with traditional houses. Note the animals stabled under the main building.

Typical rural scene in the village, as they bring the Buffalo in from the fields.

The School now repainted, as I commented in my post above.

My friend house is almost finished. Now building the gateway.

What lovely long Eyelashes you have.

Buffaloes loose in the dried out Paddy fields, with birds cavanging for dropped rice

Drying out the grass / reed, next stage is dying, then they can weave it into mats.

The weaving of the mats by hand. Another means of income when not harvesting the rice. The young girl is being taught the skill.

Trip date: February 2010

One of the accidents we saw on the journey, this one was on Route 23 to Roi Et, off the main highway from Korat to Khon Kaen

To the left you see the other vehicle involve. It looked like a Toyota Sportrider, but I may be wrong.

My Fujiko Dash Cam. It records 8 hours continual driving on an 8Gb hi-speed x266 CF card.

Back in the village. Drying the dyed fibre to make those mats as in the 2006 post. Four years on - little changes in the Villages

The Emerald Green of the young rice growing in the fields

The road to the next village, where they have health clinic. The middle section about 1-2km up the road was still a dirt track.

The health clinic in the next village. The nearest hospital in 50Km away in Roi Et by back roads or 70Km by main highway.

A kiln for making Charcoal.

Nice new Rice Tractors lined up for sale in Roi Et, although with rising fuel costs, Water Buffalo are making a comeback, and fertilise the crop as well!

A tour bus that never reached its destination.

Police check-point. Checking for drugs, contraband, illegal workers and vehicle safety. Most times, I was just waved through.

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