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BoomBoomMe.com Emails are available by Invitation ONLY
Email accounts provided by BoomBoomMe.com are full featured POP3 or IMAP accounts, fully compatible with email software such as Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.
New accounts are assigned a password generated by the administrator and you are encouraged to change your password before using the account for personal correspondence.

Logging in via BoomBoomMe.com:

  1. Click the link Check E-mail above or on the front page
  2. Enter your email address and password in the Connect dialog box

  3. You will now be directed to the main email control panel
  4. This page will give you options to access your email through popular applications such as Horde, Squirrel or RoundCube. You, however, do not need to use any of the featured email programs. Any POP3 or IMAP compliant application will do.
  5. Managing email setup such as password, forwarding, auto responders, etc. must be done from this page.

Change Password

  1. Click the "Change Password" link
  2. On the "Change Mail Account Settings / Changing Password for ....., enter the your new password and repeat in the "Again" field. Make sure to create a password with reasonable strength. It is recommended that you password contains at least 8 characters where at least 2 are lower case letters. two are upper case letters, 2 are numbers and two are symbols (i.e. !@#$%^&*)
    You may also use the "Password Generator" to generate a unique and secure password.
    As with any password, make sure you can remember and/or save it in a safe place.

  3. After the completion you will be directed to the acknowledgment page. Click "Go Back to return to the control panel (you will be prompted for your new password

Email Forwarder

  1. To forward emails sent your BoomBoomMe.com account to another email address click the "Forwarding Options" on the Control Panel page.
    Click the "Add Forwarder" button
  2. Enter the forwarding address in the "Forward to email address" field and click "Add Forwarder"
  3. After the completion you will be directed to the acknowledgment page. Click "Go Back to return to the control panel (you will be prompted for your new password)

Configuring Mail Client

  1. From the Control Panel it is possible to setup a Mail Client Configuration by following the provided wizard.
  2. Click on the desired client and setup type and follow the prompts.

POP3 Setup (Manual)

Each POP3 client features its own setup.
Below is an example using Microsoft Outlook.
General parameters:

Your Name:

Your name as you want it to appear as sender

Incoming Email Server:


Outgoing Email Server:


User Name:

Your BoomBoomMe.com email address (i.e. NewEmail@BoomBoomMe.com)


The password you selected above.

Outgoing Server (Advanced):

The default for many applications is port 25, however, that post is disabled by many Internet Service Providers to limit spam. Use port 587 instead.

POP3 Example (Microsoft Outlook):

  1. Enter the POP3 data listed above in the form below
  2. Click "More Settings" and then the Advanced tab.
    Enter Outgoing Server (SMTP): Port 587
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